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Hunting in New Zealand

Hunt Australia in conjunction with Kiwi Safaris New Zealand offers the best big game hunting, on exclusive private properties, where outstanding trophies are regularly taken. We specialise in individual serious trophy hunters, husband and wife teams and family and corporate groups.  We use only the best quality accommodation where you can enjoy first class meals and genuine ‘Kiwi’ hospitality.

Hunting in the New Zealand South Island is a unique experience. It features some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. All of our hunting takes place on rolling to steep hill country, which backs onto the majestic Southern Alps.  Most hunting is carried out on foot after accessing the mountains by 4 x 4 vehicles.  Helicopters may be used to uplift a hunter with his guide, if required, at the hunters cost. 

Red Stags in New Zealand

Red stags were introduced into New Zealand over 150 years ago.  They inhabited all the New Zealand bush by the middle of the 20th century.  These deer were heavily culled by foot hunters and by helicopter shooters during the second half of the 20th century. Although heavily reduced in numbers, numerous private landowners protected the deer and it is these privately owned areas that provide great hunting for red stags today.  New Zealand consistently produces world-class red stags every year.

New Zealand red stags weigh approximately 350 to 450 pounds and are extremely vocal during the rut or bugling season (‘the roar’) between March and April but can be successfully hunted from February to August. The hunting is conducted in a wide range of habitat from low rolling foothills to high mountain passes.  We use the available 4WD tracks to access the mountains then hunting is by extensive glassing and use of spotting scope to locate and assess the trophy quality of the stags.

During the rut, they run all over the countryside pursuing females, however after the rut they like to lay up on sunny faces during the daytime.  This is how we find most of our trophy stags. Your guide will advise you on the trophy potential of the stag before an approach on foot is planned.

Himalayan Tahr in New Zealand

Himalayan tahr were introduced into New Zealand Southern Alps 150 years ago,  They spread throughout the high mountain ranges until they inhabited all of the suitable habitat. During the second half of the 20th century there was extensive culling and herd reduction by both ground and helicopter hunting.  The Tahr however survived and recovered until they are now plentiful in areas of suitable habitat. Tahr should be hunted as much for their superb winter fur and beautiful “Elizabethan Ruff” as for the size of their horns.  We have plenty of mature bulls to choose from, however, we like to take mature bulls, which also carry their spectacular winter coat.  These are the great trophies that we have been taking in recent years.

The best time to hunt tahr is from the end of April until late June or even early July, however the tahr rut is from mid may until the end of June as this is when the big bulls accompany the nannies and are both prime and easy to hunt. A mature bull tahr in New Zealand weighs approximately 250 to 300 pounds, however they are “mountain tough” and difficult to kill.  Suitable rifles and bullets are essential.

Kiwi Safaris New Zealand now has exclusive hunting rights to several of these privately owned areas where hunting of these great trophies is conducted on foot without the aid of helicopters.  These private landowners have pushed 4WD tracks high into the mountains to give us easy access to the high country.

Hunting is by walking and stalking from the Toyota with extensive time spent glassing the slopes for the tahr.  We use spotting scopes and lazar range finders to assess the trophy quality of the bulls and to check the shooting range



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