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November 2006 - Newsletter


Final 2006 Season Report

At our Gan Gan buffalo concession we started out in great fashion, as the hunting there wasn't so affected by the late wet-season. From day one of the season we were finding big trophy bulls and it didn't let up until the very last hunting day. To give you an example - on the penultimate week of the season we hosted six hunters for a five-day group hunt. Each person took a trophy bull and over the six animals secured they AVERAGED 104 inches - an amazing result in anyone's terms - but at Gan Gan nothing should surprise us any more. If you hunt hard you WILL find big bulls - that's the bottom line!

This years results are further confirmation that our Gan Gan concession IS the premium hunting location for big wild-and-free Asiatic Buffalo - IN THE WORLD. That isn't marketing hype - just a fact that is plain to see - our results speak for themselves. The main hunting season at Gan Gan is June, July and August inclusive and if anyone is keen for buffalo that would be the best time to plan your hunting trip to Australia.

Joyce Wilson with another monster Gan Gan buffalo

Culling Camp

Our new Northern Territory culling area was a huge success in its first season of operation. Although the first few weeks were difficult because of the delayed wet-season we still had good results and it just got better and better as the season went on. In all over the three month season we culled some 4500 donkeys, several hundred horses plus a few buffalo and pigs. The Hodgson River camp was very comfortable and we are looking forward to another big season in 2007. Already we have most of the hunting weeks in June, July and August filled out but there are a few limited places left if you are interested - just let us know!

Boar Galore - At our specialized wild boar hunting concession it was a little quieter than normal, owing to the number of hunters directed to the new culling area but we still had some great results. Our good friend Lynn Thompson from Cold Steel Inc. managed to SPEAR three trophy boars from our tree-stands, which was a novel experience for all concerned. On the final hunt of the season two European hunters managed 27 big trophy boars on a seven day hunt, including one massive boar on the last evening that would have exceeded 300lb.  

For 2007 we will be updating our camp and building even more tree-stands to make the most of this great hunting area. If there are other places in the world where you can take so many trophy wild boars in a short space of time - for a very reasonable price - we don't know where they are! This is an unlimited trophy hunt with NO TROPHY FEES.

Wild and Free Deer Hunting 

Hunt Australia has specialized in true wild-and-free hunting for more than twenty years. Besides the popular Gan Gan buffalo (Asiatic Buffalo), trophy Northern Territory boars and Coburg Peninsular banteng bull hunts, we also offer some of the best open range hunting for the South Pacific deer species in Australia, New Caledonia and New Zealand. Some of these species may also be taken in game ranches but these specialized wild-and-free hunts offer the dedicated hunter a chance to hunt the animals where THEY want to live and in many cases the best trophies are taken on these hunts as well. These species include;

Rusa - In New Caledonia the Javan rusa hunt is becoming recognized around the world as one of the classic free-ranging hunts. We run this seven day rifle hunt exclusively in July and August, when the stags are at their best - calling and rutting and you will be able to glass and stalk large numbers of deer each day. In 2007 we will be hunting a NEW AREA in central New Caledonia, where the hunting is over pleasant undulating farmland and only a reasonable fitness level is required. Accommodation will be in new private bungalows overlooking the amazing Coral Sea... and fresh seafood is still on the menu!

Sambar - Sambar are big, elusive deer and a mature sambar stag is a unique and worthy adversary. The main sambar range in south eastern Australia is mostly steep and heavily timbered. It can be a difficult hunt and a good fitness level will assist you in securing one of the great prizes of world hunting - a true wild-and-free Australian sambar stag.  This is a ten day hunt and is based from good commercial accommodation near the hunting areas.

Craig Boddington worked hard to secure a magnificent trophy hog stag. April 2006 


Hog Deer - Like many of the Asian deer species that are threatened in their homelands - the diminutive hog deer has found an excellent refuge in Australia. The 'hoggies' mainly inhabit the coastal heath lands and forests of Victoria and south-eastern Australia. Although it is a real challenge to take a trophy hog deer, this is easy hunting terrain and only a moderate fitness level is required. Our current hunting area is a private property, with arguably the best access to trophy hog deer in the world. The wild-and-free season for hog deer is restricted to the month of April and there are only FOUR tags available for this private property each year.

Axis - Axis deer are common in many game ranches around the world but here in Australia we can offer one of the best true free-ranging hunts for this beautiful species of deer. Our Axis deer hunt runs 3-5 days and is conducted in North Queensland. Axis deer are gregarious herding animals and each day you may see several hundred deer. Like other south Asian deer species Axis do not have a well defined rutting period so we can hunt for them year-round. The best timing however is from January until June.


Bruce 'Killer' Keller from Texas scored this potential Top-Ten Axis Stag with Vince Ashe and Matt Graham. April 2004

From Matt & Millie Graham & the Hunt Australia Team!