Hunt Australia Newsletter - October 2004

‘Another red-letter year!’

Our east-Arnhemland buffalo concession has shown again that it is the premium hunting location to see… and be seen. The trophy size has actually improved over the years we have been hunting there - great testament to the controlled harvesting. This year the bulls that were taken averaged 102 SCI, which is unbelievable, even by Australian standards. In reality we have an over-supply of big, old buffalo and hope to make some kind of impact on the numbers next year.

The Northern Territory season started-off in less than favourable conditions with the wet-season monsoon continuing right up until the hunting began, mid-May. This was one of the wettest years ever and for the first clients that meant a lot of mud, which was very unusual for us. The difficult going did not stop Dorothy Harber from Dallas Texas taking the biggest bull of the season (111 SCI) along with the three terrific bulls her husband Lacy secured with his compound bow. Hearty congratulations to the Harbers!

New Hunt Australia guide, Simon Nash was pleased to assist in the wet conditions. Simon guides his hunters to big trophies in both New Zealand and the southwest USA when he is not chasing monster buffalo in the wilds of the Northern Territory. Welcome Simon – it wont be as wet as that again in a hurry mate! Our head guide Peter Harding was on-hand to show Simon all the Hunt Australia ‘ropes’ and Pete’s own clients reaped the benefits of his extensive buffalo hunting experience with many record-class, wild & free trophies.









This place is amazing, the buffalo herds, the wetlands, the beach and the wildlife. Clients and guides alike all want to come back; it is such a beautiful and exciting place. Just ask our new friend, worldwide hunter Dave Ferguson, we nearly had to force him onto the charter plane – he did not want to leave! And be prepared - your first visit may well not be your last.

Among our host of wonderful hunters that  visited the Arnhem Land concession this year were outdoor writers Dr JY Jones and Craig Boddington, accompanied by Craig’s lovely daughter Brittany. No doubt you will all be reading about the ‘Down-Under’ exploits of these three in the near future, including the three big, old buffalo bulls they took home with them. This is the best Asiatic Buffalo concession in the world and the best buffalo hunting that we have produced in our 25 years in the business. The results speak for themselves.


Boars and Ferals

Once again the hunting concession near Katherine provided some fine wild boar trophies. The Hunsaker party from Hawaii enjoyed perhaps some of the best hunting of the year on this property as well as some fine shooting on the donkeys and feral horses nearby. Everyone that hunted there this season took big old trophy boars, including Mark Hunsaker, who decided he wanted to shoot one in the last hours of the last day. And he did take a monster, the best for the week - well done Mark!

Unfortunately in recent years we haven’t been able to offer many ‘cull’ hunts with a lack of suitable venues. This situation has now been rectified with the acquisition of some exciting new hunting grounds in NSW and the Northern Territory. In western NSW in particular we know of farmers desperate to control their feral animal problems. Can you help? Drop us a line to find out more about that one.

New Caledonia – better than ever!

Following his great buffalo hunt JY Jones continued on with Bob to New Caledonia in search of a giant Rusa stag. After glassing hundreds of deer in the beautiful green valleys of the island paradise they picked out a big, heavy, old buck that sure put a smile on the face of guide and client. As usual, every hunter this year enjoyed success on big stags here, including the Dickson family. Father, Paul, treated his family of four sons to the hunt of their lives, all taking a stag before continuing on for some NT buffalo hunting.

New Caledonia remains the premium deer hunting location in the world with its huge wild and free Rusa deer herds, lumber-laden stags and tropical holiday atmosphere. Like JY and the Dicksons you can link a hunt in ‘New Cal’ with buffalo or other hunting in NZ or Australia to make a longer visit to the Southern Hemisphere. We don’t make silly promises but we do guarantee you a real hunting holiday that you won’t forget in a hurry!

2005 - Hunt Australia celebrates 25th Anniversary!

That’s right, 25 YEARS! There has been an awful lot of hunting, adventure, laughs and meeting new friends since Bob and Kay kicked off Hunt Australia back in 1980. A lot of water under the bridge as they say. The oldest safari outfitter in Australia, Hunt Australia leads the field with the best guides, best camps and absolutely the best hunting grounds throughout the South Pacific. Come on down in 2005 and help celebrate our 25th Anniversary with us.


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