Hunt Australia 2003 Newsletter



I am back home in my office after another highly successful hunting season.


We had 100% success for our 23rd year in a row on our buffalo hunting. Some hunters took more than one buffalo while Lacy Harber of Dallas Texas took 4 big bulls with his bow and arrows. We are still 100% on all game for bowhunters.

Our biggest buff of the season was a 110 SCI point bull taken by Jim McCarthy Adventures client, Hermann Heydlaugh. However, many hunters took huge old bulls of 102 SCI, 104 SCI and 105 SCI. Our season average was 101 SCI. This is our best ever result.

There are still many huge old buffalo bulls in our areas. During late 2003, we cut several new tracks into more virgin country which has been unexplored and not hunted previously. We are ready for the best buffalo hunting ever in 2004.

During 2003 we modernized our camps. We mowed bigger areas surrounding the camp, installed a new flush toilet system and added more pressure to the unlimited hot water showers. We have better camps than ever now and a new lawn sprinkler system will be installed early in 2004.

There are some pig numbers building up in the buffalo area. They can be taken as incidental trophies if encountered.


During 2003, we once again began running hunts for huge South Pacific Goats at North Goulbourn Island. On our first hunt, Renee Snider took a huge 40 inch goat and another trophy 38 inch monster.

North Goulbourn Island is a flat sand island just off the north coast of Arnhem Land in NT territorial waters. There are thousands of goats on the island which is just one kilometer wide and 5 kilometers long.

During 2004 we have arranged to undertake both trophy hunting at US$250 for the first trophy and US$100 per trophy for every goat after the first trophy.

We are also running some limited culling hunts on the island. There are far too many herds of young Billy goats and quite a few goats with broken or deformed horns which need removing. Culling hunts cost US$200 for the culling permit.

North Goulbourn Island is halfway between Darwin and our Gan Gan buffalo hunting area. One day hunts can be conducted by stopping off at the island on flights to or from Darwin to save additional air charters.

Goat hunting is an easy and attractive add-on hunt to our popular buffalo hunts.


I hunted New Caledonia early in July 2003. Although the rut was two to three weeks later than normal in 2003, I guided Renee Snider to a huge 35 inch very wide and heavy monster rusa stag. Renee shot her stag at 455 yards.

During our hunt, we explored many new and previously unhunted areas and private cattle ranches. I have never seen as many huge stags in one week as I saw during those exploration days during 2003. We made numerous arrangements to hunt these new ranches during 2004.


During my explorations during 2003, I found a great area for bowhunters. I found two heavily used deer trails through heavy bush between the daytime jungle bedding areas and the night time farmland feeding areas. These trails converge to about 30 yards apart on the side of a heavily wooded hillside. Several hundred rusa females use these trails each morning and afternoon.

There is a huge tree right in the middle of where these trails converge. In early 2004, I am going to take a very good American made tree stand over to New Caledonia and install it permanently in that tree for the exclusive use of serious bowhunters.

As we will be hunting only during the rut, guess where the big stags will be? Following the does, mostly with their noses right under the does tail with no thought for their immediate safety on their minds.

I expect that my bowhunters will take a new number one SCI bowhunted rusa stag from this tree in July or August 2004.

If you are a bowhunter and you like to hunt alone, from a tree stand, then call to make a reservation early.


Kevin Rayner ran our Watervalley operation very successfully during 2003. After finding that the accommodation on the property was of unreliable quality during the first hunt, we reverted to using the local high class motel as our base of operations for the rest of the season. As this move was highly successful and gave our hunters a much higher quality of accommodation and service, with variable meals menu, we opted to use this facility for all of our hunts in the future.

The hunting was highly successful. Every hunter took one trophy of each specie that they booked to hunt. One family group from Roswell New Mexico took 9 very good trophies. All of the family members took part in the hunt, however Laurie had to wait until they returned to Adelaide to bag her trophy Australian Opal.

We now have extra trained guides to assist Kevin if he required help during 2004, so we can now accommodate more hunters at any one time. We now have unlimited facilities, game to hunt and competent guides to conduct the hunts.


We have had 23 years of full time operations. Now we have the best hunting opportunities for superior trophy hunting that we have ever offered clients. We have our own areas, camps, fully professional field staff, our own equipment and a very good office staff operating to back our field operations.

With the opening of new areas and opportunities each year, we continue to offer the best possible adventure hunting available in every area of the South Pacific.

All of our professional hunting guides are themselves hunters and eagerly anticipating the guiding opportunities that our clients will provide during the 2004 hunting season.