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Feb 2015


Greetings to all of our friends and clients of Hunt Australia. Yes this is a very belated annual newsletter but as they say, better late than never! There have been so many things to keep us busy over the last few months, with the holiday season and annual trip to the SCI Convention in Las Vegas, it is hard to account for the passing of the weeks and months.

Speaking of conventions, some of you will have missed seeing us at Dallas Safari Club this past January. Due to unforeseen circumstances we simply couldn’t attend – anyone who came to visit us there, we do apologise. January is always a difficult time for business in the southern hemisphere – with summer holidays and such.

This past year, the 2014 Season was another season of success for Hunt Australia and our clients – at all locations. While the Top End season started-out quite wet, with late rains in the east, the country rapidly dried-out and the hunting improved.


Boar Hunts

Right now we still have some places for 2015 boar hunts down on the Daly River. Typically we run 2x1 or 4x2 groups here, taking advantage of the 240,000+ acres and numerous bait stations, creeks and wetlands that we have access to. It is a fun hunt with great results for those prepared to put in the effort. It isn’t an easy hunt, that’s for sure – it is a challenge to get the big boars – but most rewarding!

As you may be aware most of the boar hunting is at bait stations overlooked by either high-seats or ground blinds. We hunt these areas very early and late in the day, sometimes into the dark. During other times of the day we can walk the creeks and other waterways looking for boars laying in the shade… Boar hunters at the Daly camp are always kept busy!

Animal Planet’s Buck Medley scored this monster boar with his compound bow in the Northern Territory. The boar was bedded-down on the sand in the shade in amongst these broadleaf trees. To give you an idea of the size of the hog – the wild man with the blond hair is 6’4”!



Facebook & Youtube

Hunt Australia has finally ‘bitten the bullet’, as it were and established a company presence on Facebook. From now on fellow Facebook users who ‘Like’ the Hunt Australia page will automatically receive news and updates about what is going on in our world of hunting, fishing and wildlife conservation. Please note though; while Facebook will provide the regular up-to-date information point – contact with the company will still be best through email or our website.

You will find that there is already quite a few postings on the Facebook page – images, video links, shared documents and other topics you may find interesting. If you aren’t on Facebook yet it is really simply to join. Just click the link to our company page and see the joining details at the top right hand corner.

Please ‘Like’ the Hunt Australia page and ‘Share’ items that you enjoy with your hunting contacts.


We have also established a Youtube Channel – Hunt Australia TV - to display some of our exploits in video and preserve some of the television episodes featuring Hunt Australia. The channel is only small at the moment but we are planning to build on when we can.

You can view the Youtube Channel at this link


Buffalo Hunting continued as usual in Arnhem Land and in the Daly River country; and was up to its usual very high standard. Hunt Australia hosted some great groups of hunters and individuals in 2014 and the trophies that we secured were typical of what we have seen in last teen years, with the odd bull up to 110 inches and an average of 102, the SCI ‘gold medal standard. That is not to say we don’t take quite a lot of older bulls under 100 inches – yes of course that is true that the real old heavy ‘duggaboys’ rarely score very high – and as they say the trophy is in the eye of the beholder.

Hunt Australia has a number of options for high-quality Asiatic ‘water’ buffalo hunts – inside and outside of the regular wilderness hunting season (June through Sept). We have packages for all – everything from exclusive 1x1 hunts to extended group packages, with a wide range of conditions. Just let us know your specific wishes and requirements and we’ll put together a customised quote for you.


US ex-Pat John had the hunt of a lifetime with his dad in Arnhem Land last season. While on his first ever big game hunt John spotted this massive old bull himself and made an excellent couple of shots from a borrowed 375 rifle.


Watervalley Game Reserve was pumping in 2014 and is set to have a great mid-year season in 2015, with excellent conditions on the ground. In 2014 we found some really nice rusa and sambar, plus the ever present red stags and fallow were up to their usual high standard. The axis (chital) deer herd continues to improve as well – and the close management of all the species is plain to see.

Watervalley – July Rusa Deals 

We are looking to fill some spots for Javan rusa in July this year (2015). July is still prime-time for the rusa but low season for the local hunters visiting the area and all of the other species presesnt in that area are available at the same time.  If you are interested in a rusa hunt this year – contact us with your requirements and Hunt Australia will make you a sharp deal!


Doyle from Kilgore Texas took this beautiful 6x7 red stag from out of the thick stuff at Watervalley in a late-season hunt in 2014.

Doyle also secured a champion sambar stag, a rusa stag and a big fallow buck on his busy five -day hunt with his wife in South Australia.


Have a great year from everyone at Hunt Australia – let us know how we can help if you are interested in some South Pacific hunting!


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