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December 2012

Wilderness Buffalo Hunting
Thankfully the main 2012 northern season was a little drier than previous years. Right from the first week of the season we were finding good quality trophy bulls up at the main buffalo concession, Gan Gan, East Arnhem Land. It is always a toss-up whether to hunt early or late there.... early season there is quite a lot of country we can’t access because of the wet ground... but then the animals are much quieter and there are undisturbed roaming bulls to be found. Mid-season sees more rutting activity – which is good too – but not always easy (no, it’s never easy!!). Late season (Aug/Sept) we can progressively access more country as the days and weeks go by. Grass burning is in full swing and animals begin concentrating around water sources; but then there has been more hunter pressure, that inevitably takes trophy animals out of the system! At the end of the day the hunting can be great at any time through the season – it just changes from week to week and month to month!

As in 2010/11 we also ran a few cull hunts at Gan Gan, reducing buffalo cow numbers. These were also very successful and lots of fun. Many clients took good trophy boars this year too; the numbers have been growing somewhat, although I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing for the concession. It’s almost getting to the point where we will be able to run dedicated boar hunts in the late season (Sept). Once again we had excellent fishing in the ‘billabongs’, especially for barramundi and saratoga. Almost every time we went out to the ‘lake’ we caught barramundi; which is a pretty good effort for this area considering we dont have a major river system there.
 Texas hunter Wayne Huffaker worked hard to take this fine Asiatic buffalo bull in 2012. Patience is usually rewarded!

Daly Boar Camp
After a couple of above average rainfall years (including one record year) – it was pleasing that this area started to return to some sort of ‘normality’ in 2012. As always there were weeks that were harder than others but like any free-range hunting – if you put the hard work in you are generally rewarded – and this is particularly so at the Daly Boar concession. We have lots of late nights and early starts too – especially for the folks that want to sit out in the tree-stands till late and catch the pigs coming to the baits in the dark. In recent years we have been able to expand our operations further into more remote areas and in 2013 we will be doing a lot more of that!!
Shooters & Fishers Party (Australia) stalwart Dave Cook scored another big old boar down by the Daly River.


New Banteng Territory Underway
June 2012 marked the first hunts at the new banteng concession area on the Cobourg Peninsular, inside the Gurig Ganak Barlu National Park, NT. Hunt Australia, along with our worldwide agency partners are proud to have exclusive access to the hunting provided by the concessionaire – Cobourg Developments PL.

The hunts that were conducted out at Cobourg this year, ably led by sometime Hunt Australia guide and lovable larrikin Leith Graham, were a great success. Given the large number of banteng on that concession the clients were able to stalk multiple old bulls, past breeding age- wonderful trophies!

Aside from the fabulous hunting the major feature of this concession is the very high quality accommodation that we enjoy at the resort owned by the concessionaire, right there in the wilderness hunting area. Individual air-conditioned chalets, timber lodge, bar and dining room over-looking the ocean, ala carte dining, swimming pool, draught beer... it’s almost too good to be a wilderness hunting camp!! Whats more if you get done hunting and have spare time you can easily charter one of the resorts sport-fiching boats and sample the fishing that the adjacent Marine Park has to offer.

This banteng hunt is by far the best that we have ever had access to – the area is virtually untouched hunting paradise and the accommodation and conditions are second to none in the South Pacific. Wild banteng hunting is the best kept secret in the safari hunting world, no where else in the world can you get a true dangerous game hunt, for such a rare and unique wild animal, for such a reasonable price. While the banteng hunting on Cobourg is traditionally a 'foot hunt' - I feel that there are sufficient numbers of animals on the concession, close to the designated tracks to offer this hunt to all comers.

Banteng permits for this concession are limited to 15 only per season.
The resort in the banteng concession has to be seen to be believed.

More Banteng
If you are interested in reading some background information on Australian banteng, conservation and hunting – follow the link below to an article Matt had published in Dallas Safari Club 'Game Trails' Online magazine...       

Banteng – Australia’s Unique Opportunity
Ancient banteng bull taken on the Cobourg Peninsula

International Hunting Agencies
A lot of outfitters seem to love-to-hate hunting agencies and consultants who represent them in other countries. I guess they must see them as intervening between themselves and clients while taking a nice commission. At Hunt Australia we take a different approach and only work with the booking companies who we have developed lasting, trusting relationships with us over many years in the business. They are our friends and trusted allies and we find that invariably their clients feel the same about them.

Agency clients find benefits in dealing with their local consultants because they will have an experienced representative who ‘speaks their language’; someone with experience who they can call on, especially when outfitters may be difficult to speak to directly during hunting season. The agents we at Hunt Australia use are all vastly experienced hunters themselves – and clients can rely on them for great advice and efficient and professional processing of documents, contracts and payments. I are not telling you that you should use a booking agency or consultant... but if you are a ‘newbie’ to overseas hunting travel or just someone looking for specialised advice or personalised local service – an agency might be right for you?

Hunt Australia is very pleased to promote our major, trusted booking agents, including;

Global Hunting Resources
The Hunting Consortium                                 Jack Atcheson & Sons
Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures                Outdoors International (Russ Walker)
Safari Adventures Ltd (Chuck Bazzy)           Safari Headlands (Spain)
Safari Ukraine (Ukraine)                                  (in alphabetical order)

2013 Bookings and beyond
Some areas for 2013 are already full to overflowing but we certainly have some more hunts that need to filled – if anyone is looking for something different to do in the South Pacific. While the culling and boar hunts for the time being are close to maxed-out we still have a few buffalo spots , quite a few banteng at Cobourg and plenty of deer hunts.

That said, we do have a few group boar hunting weeks that we are going to put together in October and if anyone is looking for a scrub bull hunt we will be doing some special packages for them down at the Daly camp. Full scale culling (donkeys/horses etc) is still somewhat up-in-the-air as far as serious numbers of hunt bookings go - for this very popular endeavour – we only have very few places to sell, until new properties come online – but you are welcome to join our waiting list!! Buffalo (cow) culls are much easier to organise.

2014 is getting really quite full for buffalo hunts, so if you are thinking about a buff hunt then you had better get in touch soon or perhaps consider coming later in 2013??

Peter & Carolin Larsen returned to Gan Gan for a follow-up wilderness hunt.

Convention Season
Once again our convention season begins in just a few short days, commencing with Dallas Safari Club the first week of January and culminating with the SCI Downunder in Tamworth, NSW Australia in February. In between these dates we have the Houston Safari Club convention, where we will be sharing space with our wonderful agency partners there and then onto Reno for the Safari Club International Convention. As always, it is with great anticipation we venture off to the USA – to meet up with old friends and to hopefully make some new hunter contacts... always something to look forward to!  

If you are planning to come and visit us at a show – please let us know if you are already on our mailing list. Better yet, click reply to this email and let us know which convention you would like to visit with us, so we can add you to the list – which helps, as it gets busy at some of the shows and makes it easier to identify who is who!!

2013 Convention Schedule

Dallas Safari Club – Dallas Convention Center Jan 3rd-6th 2012   - Booth # 1718
Houston Safari Club – Woodlands Marriot Jan 10-13 - Global Adventure Outfitters Booth
SCI Convention – Reno Sparks Convention Center  Jan 23rd-26th   – Booth # 1525   
SCI Downunder Convention - Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre  Feb 16-17th

Well that is about all for 2012 – we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe, fun and happy holiday period and prosperous
New Year!!
From the Team at Hunt Australia

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