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October 2008 - Newsletter

Dear Friends

Well, after sixteen long weeks in the field our main 2008 hunting season has finally drawn to a close. 2008 was certainly a season of many great highs for all of us and once again it was terrific for all of us to meet so many new friends..... the Hunt Australia 'family' continues to grow!!

Our East Arnhem Land buffalo concession was especially busy this season and the results we had there were terrific - quite a lot of hunters were lucky enough to cross paths with truly big bulls and the hunting in this area just seems to get better and better each year. Dallas hunter Howard Langley was a prime example, after taking a very fine first bull of 104 inches in the first few days of his hunt - Howard turned around and took the second biggest bull ever hunted from this concession on the last day - what an incredible result for Howard and our concession - it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy either - well done Howard!! On that same hunt Corey Knowlton from Dallas took what is potentially the new No. 1 Asiatic buffalo and No. 1 banteng bull ever taken with a muzzleloader - great work Corey!!

Our concession continues to live up to our lofty claim that it is the best Asiatic Buffalo concession anywhere in the world!! This is a big claim to make but it is backed up by our consistent results. As in the 2007 year, this seasons trophy bulls AVERAGED 104 SCI - that result no doubt raised by the quantity of XOS bulls that are taken, the great genetics and environment of the concession and the extremely large herd of buffalo. To be sure - not every hunter will take a 100+ bull but every few days that 'big boy' comes along and you have to be prepared to go the extra lengths to get him!! Sometimes that means getting 'wet' or staying on the trail for a few long hot hours.

2009 season is already fast filling up for prime dates - so if you have been contemplating an Aussie buffalo hunt I would strongly recommend you get in touch with us BEFORE the 'silly season' rolls around!! We will also be organising some group hunts for August and September next year - if you want to take advantage of a discounted rate and join one of our groups... or make your own.

In 2009 we will also be conducting a number of buffalo 'cull' hunts late in the season (late August/September). This involves taking a minimum of ten cow buffalo per hunter, as part of our herd management program. Trophy and management bulls can also be taken on this hunt, if you get in early and book your tags.


Howard Langley and his magnificent bull...

Take a look at our 2008 Buffalo Trophy Gallery - just click this link!!

2008 Gallery

Northern Territory Boar Camp
2008 season also saw the completion of our nice new camp building at our NT  Boar Camp. We have held this concession for 20 years in 2009 and what better way to celebrate this anniversary than to enjoy a nice new camp setting!!

This is a great ‘mixed’ hunt at this location with loads of donkeys and horses that we use as bait for the feral pigs. Some hunters come to exclusively take trophy wild boar and others come just to reduce the sow numbers. Most seasons we take about 500 pigs in total off this hunt area and the numbers NEVER decrease!! There are also some buffalo and scrub bull available at this hunting area too (for trophy fee) – so there really is something for everyone. It is looking like this new camp is going to be full next year, so if you are interested you had better get in early folks!!

We will be putting together special group hunts that you can join, for August and September next year.  There are absolutely no trophy fees on boars and the bait animals you get to take... it is a whole lot of fun!!

New Caledonia
New Caledonia is still the best rusa deer hunt in the world and certainly one of the great free-ranging deer hunts of the world. We hunt some of the very best private land available with large -free-roaming herds of Rusa... in a spectacular location.

If you have been considering a New Caledonia hunt - then 2009 might be the time to do it?? Shoot us an email for the full details. Don’t just take our word for it – here is what one of our 2008 clients – Jim Hascup has to say –

“MATT....the hunt was great...everything you said it would be.. Peter D is a nut and runs a great camp...Peter H at the buffalo camp was super and very knowledgable and went out of his way to please us....and Jamie was awesome, his area was the best free range deer hunting ever...and the accommodation in those villas on top of the hill, so you can hear the stags roaring every night was unbelievable....thanks for a great hunt...I have a few guys for you who are interested....JIM”

 Gentleman Jim Hascup from NY was joined by daughter Rachel for his New Caledonian and Australian hunts this year...

Victoria - Wild Sambar Hunts
As mentioned in a previous newsletter - we have been promoting our wild sambar hunts in the Victorian high country and this has been met with some success. Our guide in the region has been doing a fantastic job in putting clients onto quality sambar in record breaking time. Just this week a lucky hunter was guided to a very respectable 26" sambar stag - that he took on the last day of a three-day hunt!!

Don't be shocked - even though some of this hunt is on public land this is NOT a low-cost sambar hunt. It is not an estate hunt. It is however your best chance at breaking the wild sambar drought and hunting with a true professional sambar guide - in the best possible locations. Prime time is from 1st May-1st Nov.

We are looking forward to hearing from all of our friends in the coming weeks


From Matt & Millie Graham - & the Hunt Australia Team!!